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Duplex, Semi Detached, Triplex, Multi-Unit

As part of our design process, we regularly apply 3D renderings to our projects.  The level of photorealism differs from project to project based on the clients needs.  Basic 3D modeling is most popular, and the least expensive if not free of charge depending on the complexity.

Main Street Bistro - Downtown Ottawa

This multi unit building is set for construction  in May 2015.  

The upper two levels have been designed for a single family dwelling with an open concept two storey kitchen and living room at the rear of the home.  The ground floor will be remain as a garage for the home with the future intent to convert the entire ground floor space into a cemmercially occupied establishment.  All intentions likely point to a contemporary Bistro Pub.  The transition is set to occur within a 5 year time period.  All preparations have been made for an easy transition from a large 12' ceiling garage space into a commercial space, with all essential fire ratings and specifications for conversion installed ahead of time.  This project was designed with knowledge of the future plans of the redesign of all Main street over the next 10 years.

Sherbrooke Project - Westboro

This newly built custom urban infill semi detached is nearly complete in the Westboro area of Ottawa.  This project was designed in partnership with CG Developments and built by CS enterprise.  Each unit boasts an 1800sq ft floor plans with high ceilings and open concept design.  The project is set for completion by end of April 2015.

Bridgewater Duplex

This newly featured design will soon be the model home for Bridgewater, Nova Scotia's EagleRidge development.  


The first of many, this craftsman inspired home lays way for an unparalleled community in the Bridgewater area.  Each unit of the duplex contains 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1300ft2 of open concept design.  


Rarely do you see a 3 bedroom within 1300ft2 and have such rich design.

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