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Legion Branch 618

The Stittsville Legion Branch 618 has decided to rebuild rather than renovate.  A process we have guided them through weighing both options. 


Changing the format from the standard single occupancy and all members approach,  we've decided to add rent-able  office spaces to the front of the building.

The new building sits at roughly 18,000 Sq ft with three complete floors, incorporating a 225 person banquet room on the second floor, a restaurant, bar, and lounge and patio on the ground floor and large dart rooms for professional competitions.


Office Tennant Fit-up

Office space tenant fit-up in Nepean, off of colonnade Rd has recently been completed.  This project was completely designed in 3D including all interior design for the project prior to completion.   We've added the 3D's after each photo to illustrate to the clients and contractors the exact look and specifications for the project.


strip mall ottawa
Multi Unit Commercial Space

Each Multi unit commercial space is designed to meet the specification of the lot and area.  please conatct us for further details.


This large practice downtown Ottawa was seeking a spacious and functional floor plan for its new location.  Curved walls and bright colors make this a unique space in the downtown market.  this building was recently purchased and turned in to condominiums, the location of the store no longer exists.

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